24 Oct 2014

Student Life Coverage: It’s More than a Dance

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For those of you who joined us at the Fall Workshop on Sept. 26, you may remember Erinn Harris of TJ talking about student life coverage. Seriously, student life really is more than a dance.

Here are the questions she suggested you ask yourself when you are looking for more Student Life ideas:

  1. What do you HAVE to cover?
  2. Is there a story in the stuff?
  3. How do you spend your time?
  4. What do you celebrate?
  5. What in the world?
  6. What do you believe in?
  7. What?s next?

If you’re interested in seeing her entire presentation, check it out a www.yearbookbesties.com. Here’s a direct link to her powerpoint:?http://yearbookbesties.wordpress.com/2014/09/28/student-life-coverage-more-than-just-a-dance/

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