YearbookNV July 25-July 28, 2017

What is YearbookNV?

YearbookNV is a four-day summer workshop sponsored by Westfield High School in conjunction with Herff Jones Yearbooks. The workshop is designed to help yearbook staffs build their 2018 yearbooks. While at YearbookNV, students and advisers will choose a small group class they want to attend each day, in addition to having time to work as a group on creating their 2018 yearbook theme, cover and ladder.  While YearbookNV is offered at a high school in Northern Virginia, the workshop is open to any Yerd who wants to live and love yearbook for four days with us.

The Schedule

Tuesday, July 25: 9:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.
Wednesday, July 26: 9:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.
Thursday, July 27: 9:00 a.m.- 7:00 p.m. (includes dinner & bowling!)
Friday, July 28: 9:00 a.m.-noon OR 1:00 p.m.- 3:00 p.m. Friday’s sessions are for advisers and editors only.

For more information, download the Student Information Form.

Small-Group Classes

Each workshop attendee will choose one of the following small-group classes to attend during the workshop:

Beginning Adviser Training: Geared towards first- and second-year advisers, topics covered will include teaching methods, grading, managing deadlines, motivating and organizing your staff and handling your finances.

Experienced Adviser Seminars: One day will be devoted to how to teach design to your students. The second day of instruction will cover topics suggested by advisers before the workshop begins.

Business Management: The mandatory course for student business managers. Learn how to market your yearbooks and ads to your audience. Create a system for processing books and ads. Learn how to use eBusiness before school begins.

Photographer’s Workshop: Geared towards all staff photographers: beginning, advanced and photo editors. All photographers will need to show up on the first day with their digital SLR cameras, charged batteries, memory cards and card readers. Once at the workshop, students will work in smaller groups based on their experience and knowledge. Beginners will focus on learning how to use their cameras and shoot photos. Advanced photographers will learn techniques to enhance their photography as well as photo editing. Breakout sessions can be arranged for specific situations based on school need or theme-driven photo plans.

Concept and Coverage: (aka Storytelling): Start with your theme or concept, and develop a coverage plan. This course focuses on the stories we tell and how we tell them as the stories relate to the concept. Plan to draft your opening copy.

Copy Writing and Editing: Review how to interview, to write captions and headlines and to write traditional, third-person copy. Build a staff style sheet and practice peer editing. Take interviewing and copy writing lessons back to your staff.

Editorial Leadership: This session is for students who will assume leadership roles, especially editors-in-chief and managing editors. Begin building your ladder, developing a coverage plan and establishing deadlines. Learn tricks for managing your time, improving consistency and motivating your staff.

Beginning Design: Start with a blank, double-page spread, and fill it with photos, text and graphic elements. Learn about grids and the magic square. Work on the three levels of white space. The class will work on paper layouts.

Content Page Design: Review grids, the magic square and three levels of white space. Design a series of unified spreads for a specific section of your book plus a headline and a mod library. A laptop is recommended for this course. If you use InDesign at your school, make sure InDesign is installed on your laptop before the first workshop session.

Reference Page Production:  Reference pages include portraits, team photos/scoreboards and club photos. This course is designed for team leaders or editors who will oversee these pages. Class time will be devoted to ladder planning/organization, coverage brainstorming as well as page design. If eight students enroll, this class will be offered.

Theme Design: Experienced designers and design editors will bring an inspiration portfolio and a theme idea. Be ready to create and revise a cover, endsheets and theme pages. Expect to have homework on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. A laptop is recommended for this course. If you use InDesign at your school, make sure InDesign is installed on your laptop before the first workshop session.

Yearbook 101: New to yearbook? Skipped Journalism 1? This class is for you. One day will be devoted to interviewing and caption and headline-writing. Another day will be devoted to design and technology. Students will be divided by eDesign and InDesign.

What class should I take?
If you are brand new to yearbook, take Yearbook 101 or Beginning Digital Photography.
If you are an experienced staff member, we suggest Beginning Yearbook Design, Photo or Concept & Coverage.
If you are section editor or team/house leader, take Section Design or Concept and Coverage.
If you are copy or coverage editor, enroll in Concept and Coverage or Copy Writing and Editing.
If you are the editor-in-chief or managing editor, sign up for Editorial Leadership.
If you are the business manager or a business team member, sign up for Business Management.

Download the YearbookNV Course Description options.

Our Yearbook Gurus

YearbookNV has invited several of the very best Yearbook Gurus in the business to be on our 2017 Faculty:

  • Justin Daigle
  • Carrie Faust
  • Charla Harris
  • Erinn Harris
  • Meghan Percival

Field Trip Forms

Please remember to submit YearbookNV as an official field trip for your students. This is a requirement of the contract between Westfield HS and Kara and Pam, so we have to play by the rules. The yearbook adviser — or a faculty/parent chaperon– will need to be at the workshop at any time students are there. The yearbook adviser — or a faculty/parent/chaperon– will also be responsible for carrying the students’ field trip paperwork at all times.

Fairfax County Forms

Loudoun County Forms

Promotional Materials

If you need materials to educate parents and students, download the Student Information Form and the YearbookNV Course Descriptions

If you need to write a letter to your parents to explain the summer workshop, look no further! Francesca Branson at Madison HS in Fairfax has written one and has agreed to share it with us. It explains the field trip and the workshop. Please revise and edit as you see fit.


  1. Registration fee is $175 per attendee. Registration fee includes materials, T-shirt, lunch on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, snacks, and dinner and bowling on Thursday evening.
  2. One registration form per school is due by Friday, June 9. All those who registered after June 9 will pay $200 per attendee. 
  3. All Registration fees are due Friday, June 23. All fees must be paid by school check, one check per school please. Make checks out to Westfield High School and send them to Westfield High school to the attention of Jessica Naeve.
  4. No cancellations after Friday, June 9, however, substitutions will be permitted.
  5. As a reminder, an adult/chaperon/must attend with each group of students. This can include a yearbook adviser, another teacher from the school, or a student’s parent. Yearbook advisers must register with their students; Chaperons must also register, but will only be charged a $25.00 registration fee which includes meals.
  6. Advisers must register at
  7. Students must register at


For those of you traveling from outside Northern Virginia, there are several hotels close to Westfield High School. We recommend the following:

  • SpringHill Suites, 5920 Trinity Parkway, Centreville, VA, 1-703-815-7800
  • Wingate by Wyndham, 3940 Centerview Drive, Chantilly, VA, 1-571-203-0999
  • Hampton Inn, 4050 Westfax Dr., Chantilly, Virginia, 20151, 1-703-818-8200

Who to Contact

Check in with your Herff Jones representative Kara Petersen at or Pam Tripp at for more information.

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