25 Jun 2013

YearbookNV is around the corner. Will you be ready?

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The more you prepare for YearbookNV (or for GYE), the better off you will be. Use the time you have with the yearbook gurus and faculty to assess your ideas and to develop new ones. If you start the workshop with a blank slate, you might not be as productive as you want to be. Here’s a checklist to get you ready:

Arrive with a workable theme or concept. (It might not be the one you leave with, but it will get you started.)
? ? ? ?What does the concept mean to your school? Your year?
? ? ? ?What story will you tell about your school with this concept?
? ? ? ?How will your theme or concept drive your coverage?
? ? ? ?How will your theme or concept help you organize your book?
? ? ? ?Is your theme or concept relatable? Relevant? Recognizable? Repeatable?
Bring the work you and your staff have done so far.
? ? ??A collection of visual ideas
? ? ??Brainstorms for coverage and the beginning of a ladder
? ? ??A list of questions for your work time instructors
? ? ??Your goals and action plans for 2014
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