30 Oct 2014

What have you done to sell a yearbook today?

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It’s the end of the first quarter. How’re you feeling? Tired? Accomplished? Amazed, as in . . . where did the time go.?The end of the quarter is a great time to pause and reflect. Do a little self-assessment. Where am I? Where am I going? How will I get there??

In the realm of yearbook sales, it’s a great time to ask these questions:

  1. How many books have we sold??
  2. How do our sales compare to last year? The year before?
  3. What have we done in the last two weeks to sell a book?

If you only have a few minutes,?draft a quick email to the person who sends out the school’s Keep In Touch or ConnectEd message. Ask that person to send out a yearbook-only email that includes the Yearbook Order Center website, toll-free number and your school’s job number.

If you have some staff members who need a job to do,?ask staffers to refresh the posters around the school. Put up new, clean posters in different locations. If you haven’t already done so, ask Tracey to make a “buy a yearbook” reminder postcard for you. Xerox and cut the postcards. Then, attach the postcard reminders to the sales posters. At Potomac Falls HS, the staff adds a note to the poster: TAKE ONE!

If you are selling senior ads,?cross reference the names of the seniors who have purchased an ad with the book sales list. Reach out by phone or email to any parents who have purchased an ad, but not a book.

If you are ready to explore the power of Master List in eDesign,?go to the Reports Tab in eDesign. Filter your coverage data by the number of times students have been mentioned on the current pages. If you have students who have already been covered three times, check to make sure those students have purchased a yearbook. If not, reach out to their parents with a phone call or an email reminder.

If you want to create a sense of urgency,?publicize the number of books sold so far. Add a countdown,indicating how many books are still available. If you sold out last year, this can be very effective. Check out the bulletin board the adviser at Harper Park created:



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