04 Sep 2013

Make Yourselves Known: The Back-to-School Edition

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As a follow-up to Kara and Pam’s presentation at YearbookNV, Kara has created a MAKE YOURSELVES KNOWN campaign for the school year. With luck, it will help you focus your energies in three areas: book sales, content gathering and recruitment.

Below are links and resources you will need to carry out MYK: The Back-to-School Edition.

  • Click here for the PDF, if your adviser hasn’t shared it with you.
  • If you would like a postcard with the YOC website and phone number customized for your school, please email Tracey @ hjtraceymcnulty@gmail.com
  • If your adviser hasn’t set up eShare to accept photos or customized the school code, send your adviser here:?http://www.hjeshare.com/eShareAdmin/?It’s the same user name and password as everything else.
  • Here’s the link to order T-shirts:?http://tinyurl.com/2013YBKshirts
  • Here’s the png to send your school’s webmaster.?



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