14 Sep 2012

Folios are your friends.

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Back in the day (as you teenagers like to say), the folio was always the same. On the left-hand page, it listed the section. On the right-hand page, it listed the spread topic. While folios are often section and spread topic, they are not limited to that. Folios are?now a place to include more coverage with a quote or to further the design elements with a more intricate design. They can also provide additional reader aids by listing every topic and every layer of coverage found on the spread. See the examples below.

(Psst! eDesign schools! Cannot remember how to set up your folio? Click here for a reminder post.)

The Clan 2012 from McLean High School in McLean, Va. mimicked the type design from the cover in the folio. On the right-hand page, the staff listed every topic covered on the spread:






2012 Resume from George Walton Academy in Monroe, Ga. included?a headshot and a quotation?in the left-hand page folio:






2012 Guardian from Westfield High School in Chantilly, Va. included a quotation without a headshot. These quotations were theme-related, and the staff gathered them at the beginning of the year when they were collecting quotations for the cover:







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