07 Feb 2013

Coverage in Your Index

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Now’s the time to brainstorm and to collect coverage for your index.

260-261_TJHSSTFrom Thomas Jefferson HSST 2012:? This index spread is a typical example of what yearbook staffs do. Where the index letters — ie A or B — appear, there’s a candid photo and a quote from a student who hasn’t been covered yet. To the right of the spread, there’s a mini-table of contents that lists all events covered in alphabetical order. Finally, at the bottom, there’s additional coverage in mod format.




Win CS StaticFrom Heritage High School (Leesburg, Va.) 2012:?In this spread, the index coverage is specifically theme-related. The book’s theme was “sync,” and the staff asked students to talk about their experience of being “in sync.” Again, notice the mini-table of contents to the right of the spread.




Consider these options as well:

Community and/or Student-Life Coverage for February and March Events: For many of you, your student life section is finished, so here’s a place where you can sneak in some late-breaking news or events you couldn’t have planned for in September.

National and Local Current Events:?If you haven’t already covered current events, the index is a great place to do it. Beware: You may not copy/paste images from the internet. You must think of ways you can localize your coverage. Tell the story of a current event with student photos and pictures. For example, did a student at your school attend the inauguration? Or show a student filing his/her taxes so you can discuss the fiscal cliff.

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