YearbookNV is around the corner. Will you be ready?

The more you prepare for YearbookNV (or for GYE), the better off you will be. Use the time you have with the yearbook gurus and faculty to assess your ideas and to develop new ones. If you start the workshop with a blank slate, you might not be as productive as you want to be… read more →

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week!

Show your advisers some love! Check out Facebook for photos of these cool adviser gifts. Click on the links below for the free printables. If Advisers Were Flowers Thanks A Latte! TEA-rrific Adviser Label Straw Tags for EOY Party       read more →

Design Your Index

Hhere are a few tips for designing your index: 1. As you are editing your index entries, remember that all proper nouns should be included. That’s all clubs, sports teams, class name, everything . . . even Harry Potter and Nikki Minaj. 2. Before you begin flowing index entries onto the pages, check your ladder… read more →

Team Yearbook

When Kara and Pam advised yearbook staffs, each staff member or a pair of staffers worked on a single spread. The editors were typically section editors who oversaw the production of a single section on a single deadline. Today, many yearbook staffs work in teams. A group of students work on multiple spreads for each.. read more →

Crowd Source Your Yearbook

As a follow-up to the TJ editors’ presentation at last week’s fall workshop, we are posting a copy of the powerpoint.?Enjoy! Two?Points of Clarification from Erinn Harris, the adviser at TJ: 1)?To post?the non-buyers list on Facebook, I print out a PDF of the non-buyers list from eBusiness, then export the PDF as JPEGS.? From.. read more →

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