Student Life Coverage: It’s More than a Dance

For those of you who joined us at the Fall Workshop on Sept. 26, you may remember Erinn Harris of TJ talking about student life coverage. Seriously, student life really is more than a dance. Here are the questions she suggested you ask yourself when you are looking for more Student Life ideas: What do.. read more →

Your Spectacular Index Begins Now

What’s one thing Northern Virginia yearbooks do very well??The index. OK, so perhaps it’s not the coolest thing in a yearbook, but it is certainly valuable. It’s a powerful reader aid when current students are looking for themselves and it’s a great resource for future yearbook staffs who wonder, “Did we cover that last year?”.. read more →

SNOW is a four-letter word

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but . . . we’ve had a few snow/ice/too-cold-to-go-to-school days. In December, we got two days off — just what the doctor ordered! But now? It’s getting a little ridiculous! How many pictures of students building snowmen can you put in a yearbook? So if you’re scrambling to fill.. read more →

Make Yourselves Known: Third Quarter Edition

SELL THOSE BOOKS ? Check yourself! Many of you have raised your book price and stopped selling extra items. That means you need to check your posters, website links, email messages, everything! Is your book price accurate? Is your order deadline or date of price increase correct? How many books do you have left to.. read more →

Yerds Never Rest!

YearbookNV may be over, but there’s no time to rest! September 2 will be here in the blink of an eye. Don’t forget: ?Cover summer. Do not miss back-to-school activities. Do not miss golf, band camp and orientation. ?Launch your book and ad sales campaigns. ?Decorate and organize the classroom. ?Host a back-to-school event for.. read more →

Coverage in Your Index

Now’s the time to brainstorm and to collect coverage for your index. From Thomas Jefferson HSST 2012:? This index spread is a typical example of what yearbook staffs do. Where the index letters — ie A or B — appear, there’s a candid photo and a quote from a student who hasn’t been covered yet… read more →

What story do you want to tell?

Yesterday, Kara visited four high schools in a row. (Whew) At each school, Kara reviewed content pages that the staff planned to submit on an upcoming deadline. With every group of editors, Kara asked the same two questions: 1) What story (or stories) do you want to tell? To that end, are you telling interesting.. read more →

Take Advantage of eShare

Now that?you can customize your eShare code and keep that code forever, we encourage all of you to take advantage of this free service.?And did you know that those of you who use eDesign can transfer images directly from eShare into your eDesign library? That’s a reason to get started, right? For those new to.. read more →

Folios are your friends.

Back in the day (as you teenagers like to say), the folio was always the same. On the left-hand page, it listed the section. On the right-hand page, it listed the spread topic. While folios are often section and spread topic, they are not limited to that. Folios are?now a place to include more coverage.. read more →

Publicizing eShare

eShare is a community upload site you can use to gather student content. If you use eDesign to create your pages, you can directly transfer images from eShare to eDesign in In talking to people across the territory, we realized that everyone is publicizing the site a little differently. Below, we’ve compiled a list of.. read more →

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