An Opportunity to Grow and to Collaborate

Herff Jones Yearbooks has teamed up with DECA to create a contest focused on improving yearbook sales in schools. For more details, please go to? I encourage you to reach out to your local DECA chapter. Your yearbook business manager can work with your local DECA chapter to improve sales, while the DECA members gain.. read more →

What have you done to sell a yearbook today?

It’s the end of the first quarter. How’re you feeling? Tired? Accomplished? Amazed, as in . . . where did the time go.?The end of the quarter is a great time to pause and reflect. Do a little self-assessment. Where am I? Where am I going? How will I get there?? In the realm of.. read more →

Student Life Coverage: It’s More than a Dance

For those of you who joined us at the Fall Workshop on Sept. 26, you may remember Erinn Harris of TJ talking about student life coverage. Seriously, student life really is more than a dance. Here are the questions she suggested you ask yourself when you are looking for more Student Life ideas: What do.. read more →

Have You Opened Your Kit?

Hey there, it’s the end of September. . . have you or your adviser opened your kit? If you haven’t already done so, you might want to take a look at a couple of things: 1. The GoDesign Layout Booklet: Herff Jones has reorganized Go!Design graphics and templates. Plus, we’ve updated the templates to include.. read more →

Your Spectacular Index Begins Now

What’s one thing Northern Virginia yearbooks do very well??The index. OK, so perhaps it’s not the coolest thing in a yearbook, but it is certainly valuable. It’s a powerful reader aid when current students are looking for themselves and it’s a great resource for future yearbook staffs who wonder, “Did we cover that last year?”.. read more →

SNOW is a four-letter word

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but . . . we’ve had a few snow/ice/too-cold-to-go-to-school days. In December, we got two days off — just what the doctor ordered! But now? It’s getting a little ridiculous! How many pictures of students building snowmen can you put in a yearbook? So if you’re scrambling to fill.. read more →

Make Yourselves Known: Third Quarter Edition

SELL THOSE BOOKS ? Check yourself! Many of you have raised your book price and stopped selling extra items. That means you need to check your posters, website links, email messages, everything! Is your book price accurate? Is your order deadline or date of price increase correct? How many books do you have left to.. read more →

Make Yourselves Known: Second Quarter Begins

As a follow-up to Kara and Pam’s presentation at YearbookNV, Kara has created a?MAKE YOURSELVES KNOWN?campaign for the school year. With luck, it will help you focus your energies in three areas: book sales, content gathering and recruitment. Below are links and resources you will need to carry out?MYK: Second Quarter Begins Click here for.. read more →

What can a business card do for you?

A business card can sell your book. Mitch Schwartz, the yearbook adviser at Dominion HS, ordered these business cards from The camera artwork came from VistaPrint’s design site, and then, Mr. Schwartz sprang for the gloss lamination! For $40 (or less), his yearbook staffers give a business card to each person they interview. After.. read more →

Two more websites to explore!

Who remembers Tamra McCarthy from YearbookNV 2013? She’s the adviser at Enochs High School in Modesto, CA and her HJ rep’s name is Carla Hansen. Carla — along with her NORCAL colleagues Elizabeth and Michelle — has an awesome website: In addition, their website introduced me to a photo website called? Don’t you just.. read more →

Make Yourselves Known: The Back-to-School Edition

As a follow-up to Kara and Pam’s presentation at YearbookNV, Kara has created a MAKE YOURSELVES KNOWN campaign for the school year. With luck, it will help you focus your energies in three areas: book sales, content gathering and recruitment. Below are links and resources you will need to carry out MYK: The Back-to-School Edition… read more →

Yerds Never Rest!

YearbookNV may be over, but there’s no time to rest! September 2 will be here in the blink of an eye. Don’t forget: ?Cover summer. Do not miss back-to-school activities. Do not miss golf, band camp and orientation. ?Launch your book and ad sales campaigns. ?Decorate and organize the classroom. ?Host a back-to-school event for.. read more →

YearbookNV is around the corner. Will you be ready?

The more you prepare for YearbookNV (or for GYE), the better off you will be. Use the time you have with the yearbook gurus and faculty to assess your ideas and to develop new ones. If you start the workshop with a blank slate, you might not be as productive as you want to be… read more →

Leadership Resources: A Follow-Up to Bring It Day

May — and let’s face it, June, too — flew by! Eek. KP forgot to post the wrap-up notes from the Bring It Day breakout sessions. KP apologizes profusely. In addition, she’s posted PDFs of the leadership handouts you received in your black padfolio. Enjoy! Notes from Meghan’s Group Notes from Tim’s Group Notes from.. read more →

True Colors: A Follow-Up to Bring It Day

Thank you to all who attended Bring It Day. Let’s make the most of the last few weeks of school, and get started on making real changes to our product and our process in 2014. You received a number of handouts created by our favorite Tracey McNulty about editorial leadership. Below are links to True.. read more →

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week!

Show your advisers some love! Check out Facebook for photos of these cool adviser gifts. Click on the links below for the free printables. If Advisers Were Flowers Thanks A Latte! TEA-rrific Adviser Label Straw Tags for EOY Party       read more →

Time to Write Your Colophon

A colophon is the statement, placed at the end of the yearbook, recording the names of the staff and printer, book specifications, size of the edition, and other information about the production of the yearbook. It can be as elaborate or simple as you want. It’s important to include a colophon in your yearbook as.. read more →

Design Your Index

Hhere are a few tips for designing your index: 1. As you are editing your index entries, remember that all proper nouns should be included. That’s all clubs, sports teams, class name, everything . . . even Harry Potter and Nikki Minaj. 2. Before you begin flowing index entries onto the pages, check your ladder… read more →

Coverage in Your Index

Now’s the time to brainstorm and to collect coverage for your index. From Thomas Jefferson HSST 2012:? This index spread is a typical example of what yearbook staffs do. Where the index letters — ie A or B — appear, there’s a candid photo and a quote from a student who hasn’t been covered yet… read more →

Move, Rearrange or Replace

The holidays are creeping up on us, aren’t they? Thanksgiving is a little early this year, and Winter Break will be here before you know it! So now is the time. Move the yearbook link on the school’s web page. You can find the .jpeg and .png versions of the web link below on the.. read more →

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