Have You Opened Your Kit?

Hey there, it’s the end of September. . . have you or your adviser opened your kit? If you haven’t already done so, you might want to take a look at a couple of things: 1. The GoDesign Layout Booklet: Herff Jones has reorganized Go!Design graphics and templates. Plus, we’ve updated the templates to include.. read more →

Enter Contests Now

A big thanks to guest contributor Meghan Percival who compiled this information! As you wrap up the school year, you may want to get your editors to start pulling together work for critiques and award consideration. Many have deadlines of?June 13, so get your POs submitted and checks cut now!?Here are a couple of organizations.. read more →

Make Yourselves Known: Second Quarter Begins

As a follow-up to Kara and Pam’s presentation at YearbookNV, Kara has created a?MAKE YOURSELVES KNOWN?campaign for the school year. With luck, it will help you focus your energies in three areas: book sales, content gathering and recruitment. Below are links and resources you will need to carry out?MYK: Second Quarter Begins Click here for.. read more →

Two more websites to explore!

Who remembers Tamra McCarthy from YearbookNV 2013? She’s the adviser at Enochs High School in Modesto, CA and her HJ rep’s name is Carla Hansen. Carla — along with her NORCAL colleagues Elizabeth and Michelle — has an awesome website: www.theyearbookladies.com In addition, their website introduced me to a photo website called?www.digital-photography-school.com Don’t you just.. read more →

Yerds Never Rest!

YearbookNV may be over, but there’s no time to rest! September 2 will be here in the blink of an eye. Don’t forget: ?Cover summer. Do not miss back-to-school activities. Do not miss golf, band camp and orientation. ?Launch your book and ad sales campaigns. ?Decorate and organize the classroom. ?Host a back-to-school event for.. read more →

Journalism Organizations and Critique Services

National Scholastic Press Assocation NSPA?Critique & Pacemaker Consideration?http://studentpress.org/nspa/contests.html#critiques You need to be a Level 2 Member ($189) to receive the critique. Critiques are generally emailed over the summer, in time for publications staffs to make changes when planning their 2014 books and papers. You can also submit a second copy of your publication for the.. read more →

Time to Write Your Colophon

A colophon is the statement, placed at the end of the yearbook, recording the names of the staff and printer, book specifications, size of the edition, and other information about the production of the yearbook. It can be as elaborate or simple as you want. It’s important to include a colophon in your yearbook as.. read more →

What story do you want to tell?

Yesterday, Kara visited four high schools in a row. (Whew) At each school, Kara reviewed content pages that the staff planned to submit on an upcoming deadline. With every group of editors, Kara asked the same two questions: 1) What story (or stories) do you want to tell? To that end, are you telling interesting.. read more →

Crowd Source Your Yearbook

As a follow-up to the TJ editors’ presentation at last week’s fall workshop, we are posting a copy of the powerpoint.?Enjoy! Two?Points of Clarification from Erinn Harris, the adviser at TJ: 1)?To post?the non-buyers list on Facebook, I print out a PDF of the non-buyers list from eBusiness, then export the PDF as JPEGS.? From.. read more →

Take Advantage of eShare

Now that?you can customize your eShare code and keep that code forever, we encourage all of you to take advantage of this free service.?And did you know that those of you who use eDesign can transfer images directly from eShare into your eDesign library? That’s a reason to get started, right? For those new to.. read more →

Reverse Your Ladder

If you haven’t already done so, take some time to reverse your ladder — before you begin the new ladder. In the “down time” between finishing the book and distributing it, let’s take a couple of days to analyze and evaluate our coverage. Kara and Pam suggest that you print your most up-to-date version of.. read more →

Publicizing eShare

eShare is a community upload site you can use to gather student content. If you use eDesign to create your pages, you can directly transfer images from eShare to eDesign in www.myhjyearbook.com In talking to people across the territory, we realized that everyone is publicizing the site a little differently. Below, we’ve compiled a list of.. read more →

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